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Want hassle-free business insight? Let our team of experts take care of your data with our Done-For-You solution so you can stay focused on your core business functions.

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Managed by experts, our Done-For-You solution centralizes and combines your franchisee data for you.  The result? Hassle-free business insight!

BI flying solo

-Too much data for spreadsheets to handle 

-Tedious manual data prep 

-No centralized business logic 

-No scalability 

-Overwhelming technical debt 

-High BI team turnover 

-Low ROI on BI projects 

-Little or no buy-in from organization 

-Viz tool is broken or shelved 

-Painfully slow report rendering 

-Files frequently crash or are corrupted 

-Unable to connect to key data sources 

BI with Xerva

-All data prep centralized and automated  

-Support from team of BI experts  

-Solution maintained and updated 

-Total scalability 

-Maximum BI team efficiency 

-High business insight 

-High ROI on BI projects 

-High buy-in from organization 

-Viz tool reports are accurate and reliable 

-Lightning-fast report rendering 

-All reports pull from “one source of truth” 

-Access to all data sources 

-Easily connect to all key data sources 

We're more than just tools

Tired of broken reports? The Xerva team is here to give you ongoing BI support.



Xerva is perfect for franchisors looking to centralize data from their franchisees. 


Multi-Unit Businesses

Centralizing data from multiple independently operated partners is easy with Xerva.



Xerva helps marketers measure the impact of their efforts by combining and centralizing data.



Data-driven decision making is key to success, and the construction industry is no exception.

What our clients say

"We are now able to go to the data warehouse for all our data needs. The ability to run ad hoc reports, and create and analyze relationships in data
is amazing."
Jim Bennett
President, NOWcfo
"...the Xerva team has given me complete control over my data, while helping me achieve my strategic vision. I highly recommend them as an excellent BI business partner..."
Ken Doty
VP of Business intelligence, The Maids international
“Our new reports allow us to monitor our business in real-time helping us make both tactical and strategic decisions. One of the smartest decisions we have made as a company”
Steve Lichte
COO, Black Clover

Fully managed, fully compatible

Our Done-For-You Data Warehouse is 100% compatible with your preferred data visualization tool. With Xerva handling the data prep heavy lifting, your reports and dashboards will be faster and smarter than ever!

Tricks of the trade

We’re sharing our secrets in an exclusive white paper: “8 Essential Data Warehouse Best Practices.”

  • What technology, software, and methodology to use
  • Why viz tools and spreadsheets alone aren't enough
  • How to use economies of scale to boost BI efficiency

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