Uncovering Inventory Insights for Black Clover


Black Clover is a lifestyle apparel company, known for its distinct premium hats. Established in 2008, Black Clover offers quality clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. 



In the beginning, Black Clover used QuickBooks reporting and Fishbowl without a data warehouse, but as their business grew so did their data troubles.  

Sales and inventory data were stored in two separate systems, leaving Black Clover with two disparate data sets that were difficult to work with.  

It became clear a complete BI solution was needed when Black Clover fired their top sales rep for missing his number, only to discover too late that the low performance was actually because the report hadn’t updated correctly (the sales rep actually had hit his quota!) 

Black Clover first tried to tackle the problem with Tableau, but after a few integration attempts failed, they realized that in addition to a new reporting tool, they would also need a data warehouse. 

Rather than take on the costs of standing up their own server, database, and software, and hiring a new IT team, Black Clover decided to go the DWaaS route and hire Xerva. 



DiscoveryWe sat down with Black Clover to assess their goals, needs, and current data sources and reporting tools. 

ExtractWe pulled and centralized Black Clover’s inventory and QuickBooks (sales) data. 

TransformWe created a new data warehouse that scrubbed and synthesized the data into “one version of the truth” that every department in Black Clover could access through Tableau.  

ReportingWe built custom reports using Tableau and our new data warehouse and provided Tableau training so Black Clover’s employees could get the most out of their new reporting tool. 

MonitoringWe host their data and perform routine audits and maintenance to keep things running smoothly. 



-Accurate timely reports that allow for easy and accurate sales team monitoring/managing

-Black Clover so thrilled with initial results that project scope was expanded to include sales and inventory data

-Can now use inventory data to calculate profit per item, identify overstocked items, and optimize pricing strategy

-Executive team able to access company reports from their smartphones

Emmett is a graduate from the BYU Marriott School of Management. He has been the marketing team lead at Xerva since July 2017.