Building A Data Warehouse for Extra Space Storage


Extra Space Storage is the second largest operator of self-storage facilities in the USA. Extra Space Storage took the storage industry by storm since being founded in 1977. In 2015 alone, it added 1.8 billion dollars in new acquisitions to its national portfolio.  

Extra Space Storage has properties in 38 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. It owns or operates over 1400 stores, comprising approximately 910,000 units and 103 million square feet of rentable space. 



To save money and streamline their business processes, Extra Space Storage decided to replace Salesforce and their custom-built Oracle database with a powerful new UI and database platform called Breeze.  

Extra Space Storage went ahead and began building Breeze from the ground up using their own internal dev team and another consulting company. They also began recreating the pipeline to their data warehouse, but soon encountered a problem: hundreds of measures and dimensions in the two old sources didn’t exist in Breeze.  

Matters were made worse by high developer turnover.  

At a loss for how to tackle such a complex data issue, Extra Space Storage brought in Xerva’s consulting team to help. Xerva assigned Jon Wadley and later Riley Lane to the case. 



When Xerva started working on the project in 2016, none of the mapping existed between the new source and the existing data warehouse. Jon started by pulling out all the existing facts and dimensions in the data warehouse, then mapping them to Breeze.  

Next, Jon identified all the facts and dimensions missing from Breeze. Jon took his findings to Extra Space Storage’s data governance group so they could decide what dimensions were worth keeping. Jon also worked on modifying the ETL process and building new data pipelines.  

In a few months, Jon identified all the missing dimensions and helped the data governance group come up with a solid enough ETL plan that they felt comfortable having their own developers finish the job. Extra Space storage was so happy with Xerva’s work that Jon was asked to do SSIS work on the production side of their data sources, including building a data mart and cube. 



-Performed needed ETL functions without interrupting database’s critical business functions

-Freed up Extra Space Storage BI team to focus on core day-to-day priorities and projects  

-Thanks to Xerva, Extra Space Storage is on track to hit its target rollout date for its data warehouse 

Emmett is a graduate from the BYU Marriott School of Management. He has been the marketing team lead at Xerva since July 2017.