Exterminating Moxie Pest Control’s Reporting Bugs


Moxie Pest Control is a pest control service company that provides high-quality residential/commercial pest control, termite services, lawn fertilization, and weed control. Starting out from a single Texas office in 2001, Moxie has since turned into a $35 million-dollar operation that spans the US.  

Moxie acquires most of its new customers through door-to-door sales, then works to establish life-long relationships through quality service and CRM.  

Moxie has thousands of happy customers in markets including Denver, Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, Northern Virginia, Raleigh, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Nashville, as well as Orange and Riverside Counties in California. 



To operate, Moxie relies on data from several disparate sources. Data had to be manually copied from the individual sources into spreadsheets that were then used as reports.  

This process was painfully tedious, time-consuming, and vulnerable to human-error from faulty data entry. Even when the data was inputted correctly, Moxie’s ability to compare data across multiple sources and glean meaningful insights was limited.  

Because one report per branch per source per month was required, managers had to work with literally hundreds of individual tabs in a given month.  



To reign in its data troubles, Moxie signed up for the Xerva platform. We immediately took Moxie through our five-step process. 

DiscoveryWe helped Moxie identify their main sources of high-priority data and leveraged their existing manually populated reports. We interviewed business stakeholders to identify custom calculations needed for KPI reporting.  

ExtractNext, we set up a data warehouse and began connecting Moxie’s sources: QuickBooks Online, Prosperworks (CRM), PestRoutes (POS), Google AdWords (marketing data), Slingshot (after-hours outsourced call center data), Air Table (manually entered data, cancellation requests, real-time lead data). 

TransformWith all of Moxie’s sources connected to our data warehouse, next, we established conformed dimensions like standardized branch names, date format, etc. We also combined their two sources of lead data. 

ReportingBased on Moxie’s needs, we created custom reports using our new data warehouse and their chosen visualization tool, Power BI.  To maximize adoption, we also provided Power BI training to everyone who would be using the reports. 

MonitoringWe provide Moxie with our standard ongoing monitoring services, including solving data entry issues, and adding new metrics. We also have regular audits and alerts set up for the data warehouse to catch errors and ensure accuracy.  



-Save on countless hours of manual data entry every month

-Data warehouse significantly more cost-effective than data entry team

-Virtually eliminated human error in reporting process

-Integrated data sources allow Moxie to easily compare branch performances across time

-Can now measure direct impact of marketing on sales

-Reports are available to all branch managers, allowing for comparison and self-improvement

-Substantially reduced number of reports required to get needed insights

Emmett is a graduate from the BYU Marriott School of Management. He has been the marketing team lead at Xerva since July 2017.