Uncovering Inventory Insights for Black Clover

In the beginning, Black Clover used QuickBooks reporting and Fishbowl without a data warehouse, but as their business grew so did their data troubles.

Mapping Sources for Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage is the second largest operator of self-storage facilities in the USA. Extra Space Storage took the storage industry by storm since being founded in 1977. In 2015 alone, it added 1.8 billion dollars in new acquisitions to its national portfolio.

Powering LavaSurf’s New Reporting Interface

Founded in 2012, LavaSurf is a Utah-based SaaS company that helps multi-unit brands manage and scale their social media efforts. Lava Surf's platform effectively provides the ability to manage, monitor, and optimize social media, reviews, and local listings for all locations in a centralized dashboard.

Automating Ken Garff’s Reports

The Ken Garff Automotive Group is a car dealership chain known for its customer-centric selling style and humorous billboard ads. Founded in 1932, today it is one of the top 10 largest automotive groups in the US, with 26 car dealerships in Utah.

Killing Moxie’s Data Bugs With DWaaS

Moxie Pest Control is a pest control service company that provides high-quality residential/commercial pest control, termite services, lawn fertilization, and weed control. Starting out from a single Texas office in 2001, Moxie has since turned into a $35 million-dollar operation that spans the US.

Managing Molio’s Viral Data

Molio is a content creation, media campaign management, and analytics firm based in Salt Lake City. Since its inception, Molio has consistently developed several successful campaigns (including the wildly successful viral campaigns for Orabrush and Poo-Pourri) and has received accolades and awards from all over the ad industry.