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Our Done-For-You Data Warehouse delivers hassle-free business insight!

Your messy data is costing you time and money

Outsource the cleanup work to our data specialists. Your data, your reports, and your bottom line will thank you.

The 5 steps of "Done-For-You" data

Our team builds and maintains data warehouses for businesses that need help getting their data in order. We call this service the Done-For-You Data Warehouse or the “Xerva platform.” It consists of five basic steps: 

1. Discover

We conduct a deep-dive discovery process to understand your BI needs.

2. Extract

We connect to your data sources and centralize them in one database.

3. Transform

Your data is cleaned and organized using your custom business logic.

4. Report

Your new data warehouse is connected to the viz tool of your choice.

5. Maintain

We maintain, monitor, and audit your data warehouse for you.

Tricks of the trade

We’re sharing our secrets in an exclusive white paper: “8 Essential Data Warehouse Best Practices.”

  • What technology, software, and methodology to use
  • Why viz tools and spreadsheets alone aren't enough
  • How to use economies of scale to boost BI efficiency

Some of our data services

Every Done-For-You Data Warehouse is unique. We perform a variety of sub-services for our Xerva platform clients.

Data Warehouses

Automate your data prep and apply your custom business logic in one location to keep your data accurate and accessible.

Data Lakes

Use a data lake to extract and centralize structured or unstructured data to answer big questions and support data science.

Report Writing

Get help building accurate and reliable reports and dashboards for your business using the viz tool of your choice.

Data Integration

Support business apps and automate workflows with a little help from the Xerva team and the power of data integration.

Data Strategy

No Chief Data Officer? No worries! Our consultants can help you flesh out and plan your data's role in your corporate strategy.

Advanced Analytics

What insights are hidden in your raw data? Use data science to figure out what questions to ask and uncover meaning.

Data Migration

Got a big move coming up? Upgrading to a new system? We can help you get all your data where it's supposed to be.

Financial Reporting

We'll handle the number crunching. Forecasting and budgeting are easy when you have a data warehouse supporting you.

Process Automation

Swamped with tedious data prep? Slammed manually preparing reports? You can automate it all away with our help!

Looking for more than data help?

We're part of a larger team that can address everything from your processes to your back-office systems and technology integrations.

We know data sources

No more flying blind! With a Done-For-You Data Warehouse, our team can help you connect to almost any data source. Best of all, all your sources can be combined together into “one source of truth.”

Ready to unleash your data?

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