Data Integration

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Support business apps and automation with data integration.

Problems we can help you solve

Data integration is easy with the Xerva team backing you up!

Connecting Disparate Data Sources

Bring your data together, even from data sources that don’t play nice. Our expert team of BI developers can handle any data sources you’re working with.

Managing Continuous Data Audits

Once your data has been integrated, we keep the peace as time goes on and keep an eye on mission critical operations. Rest easy with SLAs insuring you against disaster.

Data Warehouse Support

Data integrations always go smoother when you have a data warehouse doing the heavy lifting. That’s why the Xerva team is here to support you with data warehousing services.

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  • Automate workflows
  • Supports APIs and business apps
  • Continuous data audits
  • SLAs available for guaranteed process protection

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